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Patriot Defensive Training is dedicated to promoting safe gun handling and skills for the everyday person. We offer a relaxed environment in a classroom and out on the range. Whether you are looking to obtain a concealed pistol license, further develop safety, shooting or personal protection skills we are here for you.  We provide information on how to get insurance as well as how to insure getting a top firearm attorney in the event of a lethal force situation. We are all certified USCCA instructors that believe in continued training for everyone, including ourselves. Our slogan is "Putting on a couple pounds might actually save your life". Thought there is some humor in the phrase there is even more truth! We encourage our students to carry to protect themselves and their loved ones in a safe and responsible manner. We also practice what we preach, we spend a lot of time on the range honing our skills so we can serve our students better. We believe in building student's trust in our knowledge. We can only gain that knowledge through developing our own performance and education.

Why choose Patriot Defensive Training? We don't take the one and done approach to training. We believe in ongoing training not only for our students but our trainers as well. It is our responsibility as instructors to insure our students have the best training possible and our method of delivering that involves continuous learning. We want you to be prepared if the event ever arises you need to use your training you use it well. We offer ongoing training for all skill levels, we very much enjoy building the relationships that comes along with that. Patriot Defensive Training instructors are dedicated to staying current on Michigan and Federal laws so we can provide the most accurate information. We support local and state grassroots organizations that fight hard for our constitutional liberties. We will help you get the direction, education, and training you need! Sign up for a CPL class today or reserve a spot in one of our other training courses! 

​Stay safe,
Shawn Schwartz

Owner Patriot Defensive Training

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